CLaire's Egyptian Art Gallery

artwork from 5000bc-30bc

This ring was probably worn by a pharaoh or priest, because the important people wore lots of jewelry.
This vase was probably made by a craftsman. It may have been used for decoration or given as a gift.
This hippo statue was most likely carved by a stone worker. It could be a decoration or a small weight to hold down paper.
Amulets such as the one shown were very sacred to the Ancient Egyptians. In lots of pictures of the gods, they are holding an amulet. (The following five pictures are more amulets.)
The little pictures and symbols shown behind this mans head are an example of hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics were the Egyptian written language.
When rulers died, their wives would be killed and then a small statue of the wife would be placed inside the sarcophagus. This way,they could be together forever! This picture is an example of one.
This mummy covering is very decorated. Which probably means that the dead person in it was someone important such as a pharaoh or priest.
This is a mummified cat. The fact that a cat got mummified shows that this cat was either very important or sacred.
This jug may have been used to transfer water from place to place. Or water plants and crops
This beard came from the statue of a god. The god statues were placed in temples. Every day, the priests would feed dress and clean the statues. They hoped that this would keep the gods happy!
This is an Egyptian priest. He is giving the gods an offering.
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