Person Perspective 1:This drawing instantly grabbed my attention because of how abstract it is. It seemed to leave a lot of room for personal interpretation. It is easy to see that Bruegel was conveying a deeply philosophical message to his viewers. I believe that Bruegel is trying to portray mankind animal like instinct to prey on the weak. This could be referring to either the poor or the physically weak as individuals or as a nation. It is hard to say for sure what Bruegel was trying to convey just by looking at the drawing. However, he could be trying to encourage people to show humility and be merciful to the weak and overcome their savage animal like instincts. On the other hand, he may be trying to abstractly convey historical events from a neutral position. During the 1500's there a lot of wars that were fought in order to gain control of Italy. The man cutting open the big fish with the knife could represent that idea. The fish with legs speaks to how we have evolved from the of concept "big fish eats little fish" idea and how it is part of our instincts to prey on the smaller
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