The pitching of unwanted stone by Xavier Martinez

This gallery includes presentations of multiple Marble sculptures which include Some of the most prestigious marble sculptures from B.C. to more modern of that of Benjamin Franklin

This marble sculpture is that of the "Head of Hermes". Hermes was the messenger of the gods in greek mythology. This sculpture, consist of two different types of marble. The first being the original Pentelic marble while the beard repaired with carrara marble. My theme is "pitching of unwanted stone", which is what is done to create sculptures.
This head sculpture is that of Alexander the Great. Once king of Greece and one of the greatest military commanders in history. This head sculpture is made of entirely fine grained White marble. You can also see that the artist used techniques advanced in the bc age to create the detailing.
This is a marble sculpture of a youth known as "Dresdner Knabe". Interestingly, this is a statue of a statue. Entirely made of marble, this is an early common century statue. It appears to be that of a young man but was modeled after another young man statue before it.
This is a sculpture of that of the the Greek God Apollo. The son of Zeus and God of music. Another Sculpture made entirely of marble. The detail is immaculate and It appears as if Apollo is walking in the clouds surrounded by little angels. As well as holding either or lyre, or his trusty bow.
This sculpture is that of "Apotheosis of Charles VI". Created in 1734 by Georg Raphael Donner. Another 100% all marble figure. Depicts a battle of gods and men, Seeing the angel in battle with the man. A depiction of those who do not or did not believe in the gods.
This sculpture is called "The Three Grace". Three nude women, each with their own meaning. One symbolizes Love, the other beauty, and the final for pleasure. Made out of marble, the woman are depicted all holding onto each other. Symbolizing that, the three graces should always be kept together.
This is the sculpture of the "Bust of Benjamin Franklin". Benjamin franklin never stood for this sculpture and is regarded as one of the founding fathers of The United States. This is an all marble sculpture and it is known that this is the most realized sculpture of Franklin. The detail in this sculpture is impeccable.
This sculpture is that of "The thinker". Originally named, "the poet", this sculpture was made in the 1800s. A replica of the bronze statue. This is another marble sculpture, but doesn't quite have the detail and authenticity of the original. The marble thinker sculpture however, does retain the pensiveness of the original.
This sculpture, is that of "Symplegma with Hermaphrodite and Satyr". This sculpture is that of a bad story with a twist. Unfortunately, this sculpture is also based off of another sculpture that came before it. Entirely made of marble, this sculpture depicts a man getting pushed away by a woman who turns out to be a hermaphrodite.
Finally, This last sculpture is that of " Wilhelmine Benigna Brion Duchess of Sagan". She was a German Noble from a ruling family at the time. She was known as very beautiful, and seems this must be a sculpture to represent her beauty. Made entirely out of marble, we can see that the sculpture is a depiction of a young her. We can also see through this depiction that she must've been very aesthetically pleasing.
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