Interpretation: The Color blue

Artists use the color in  various ways for a multitude of different things. Sadness, Anger, Calming, accent, clothing. The endless shades of blue are used for all that, and Ill show you some of them.

In Van Goghs Starry Night, he uses a mixture between light blues and bold ones swirling through the night sky. His usage of the colors leaves a clam feeling over the painting.
The bold blue used in The Scream sets that section of the painting apart form the rest, in a way causing chaos, like the title depicts.
The light blue shade over this piece defines elegance and grace.
This painting is entirely shrouded in blue haze, half of the flowing sky, and half of the raging waters.
This artist used the blue as sort of a contrast, creating a form of depth in the background, something I've noticed with a lot of artists.
Though its faint, the blue in the background is sort of a gradient and stands out in a nice way against the reds and golds.
This painting is sort of bizzar... thats why i picked it honestly, but it also shows a decent example of calm activity.
This painting uses a nice, clam foreground to create depth, and pastel blues in the front to nicely blend it all together.
Something else I've noticed it how a lot of older paintings use blue for a lades dress. I think that maybe it could represent purity sometimes? So i thought it was a good example to show here.
This is an example I'm using for melancholy. The painting is a blob of blue, but it leaves me feeling... a bit down.
This also seems like a sad photo due to the dark blues and blacks used in it.
Again it seems the lady is wearing blue, as well as there being a blue background, something extremely common.
This is a good example of how you can integrate blues into the painting even if they don't necessarily belong there.
90% of the time you'll see blue used in nature, and i felt that this piece showed that pretty well. Its calming as well as nicely done.
I just really like this piece. The shades of blue here are natural and gradient which is what i like the most.