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Appears to be for women and LGBT rights Clear message of strength in this image -Strong features of the woman's face and body -Huge muscles on the woman -Her flexing posture -Rainbow, the symbol for the LGBT community, bursting out of her chest There is a solid black background with the woman being bright white and wearing a bright pink bikini. The rainbow seems to cut right through the black background with no issue
-Red tint on everything can remind people of controlling dictatorships -Messy power lines make it seem like the city is unkempt and in turmoil -Birds typically circle over something that is dead or dying. This implies that the people in the city or the city itself are dead or dying -Barbed wire on the walls signifies that people are being told where to be -Cameras and watch guards everywhere -The text in this image has a straightforward message. The main text flat out says that the government is watching you. The smaller text in the corner as well as the title gives a more of an underlying message by implying that you must follow orders that "big brother" gives you
-all of the people combined may be different colors but they all come together to form one picture -the painting is kind of self aware by referencing the paint on the wall -all of the different colors of the people can represent the people of different cultural or national backgrounds
-initially has a very war themed look but when examined closer it has many symbols of peace -rifle looks dangerous but actually has a flower emerging from it -the man at the top thinking of a cross that says "teach peace" -the emblem at the bottom looks intimidating at first but is actually for a peace group -free humanity -many red, white, and black hands on the wall are small and can represent the children of the world
-play on words (prophet -> profit) -can be interpreted as people using religion to profit off of other people -or that people only view profit as their purpose in life and follow it like a religion
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