Graffiti Perceptions

I chose these 5 images to compare the differences and importances that graffiti can raised in our society today. The first two images are ones created by a well known artist, Bansky. Through his graffiti he shows real-life struggles that aren't exploited and dealt with in the media. An example would be the first image I have chosen, a young frightened boy who appears to be delivering a lunch to his dad who appears to be a soldier fighting in the war. This graffiti shows the real-life struggles that are happening in local homes today because of the war that continues to happen over seas. In comparison to these two Bansky photos, I chose three random photos of local graffiti snapped from around New York City. Although there is probably meaning behind this graffiti, its not one that can be found or enjoyed by the viewer but is a personal understanding for the artist himself. I chose to place these photos together to show that although they are over the same artistic style, the two create complete different affects on the viewer due to how easily they can interpret and understand the art. I believe the collection of these images pertaining to photographic truth, and the aspect of how viewers make meaning. Each artifacts of grafitti clearly paints a picture, one that makes sense to a certain viewer out there and the creater of the artifact itself. However, it is the meaning that the viewer puts on to the graffiti that makes it the art. Whether its a positive or negative understanding of the art, it is solely up to the viewer to observe and create meaning behind graffiti as art because there is never a description or artist to explain it for them. 

Credits: All media
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