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SeparatePeopleThatLookTheSameAndOftenHaveGrumpy- Expressions

a. He is a normal person living a normal and simple life. b. The background tells us that he lives on a cliff near water. This is important because the boat tells us that he is a merchant that helps with the art of humanism. The colors tells us that he likes red. c. That his is snooty, grumpy, and has a face like a bird (hence the nickname "Birdface") d. Birdface Bob is a merchant that is grumpy and snooty. He like red, and they care about living near water.
a. He is a rich guy that looks like Birdman Bob b. The background stuff is religious stuff. He likes red and olives. c. The artists wants us to feel and think that the guy is very old, religious, and is somewhat rich because he is wearing velvet. d. Bob B. is a religious man that is a man of the church and owns a store. He has a serious personality. He cares about chairs olives and paper flowers made from paper with writing.
a. He is rich because the clothing is very expensive. b. The background tells us that he lives on a cliff over a town in France. The colors of his cloths are red, whit, and blue, the colors of France. he is holding a roll of paper in the shape of a flag that says "Imete Devm" which means proper. This is important because it tells us that he is a refined Frenchman that is snooty because of his snooty face, c. The artist wants the viewer to know that the subject is snooty, rich, and refined. The flag with Latin that says refined (translated), his clothes, and his grumpy face. d. Steve belongs to the French society of merchants. He is snooty, rich and refined. He likes and cares about being refined, being around nature, showing his nationality, and living life to the grumpy fullest.
a. The subject is very rich. b. The background tells the viewer that he likes staying anonymous. He wears gold and silk/velvet so he must be very wealthy and of high standing. This is important because it tells the viewer that he is of high standing. c.The artist wants the viewer to understand that the subject is a very important person of high standing. Evidence of this is that he is wearing expensive clothes and gold. d. Henry VIII of England is a wealthy merchant. Henry is snooty and sophisticated and not afraid to show it. Henry likes and cares about showing off his money and being snooty.
a.The subject is very simple. b. The background patters of trees roads, and water tell that the subject lives in the country alone and the color black show that the subject is very simple while. This is important because it shows that the subject has nothing to show or hide. c. The artist wants the viewer to understand that the subject is simple and lives a simple lifestyle. The subjects grim expression, clothes, and natural background shows this. d. Leo belongs to a class of farmers. He likes nature. He cares about living life simply.
a. He is rich b. The green background as well as his clothes tell us that he is either Irish, or Scottish. The gold that he is wearing tells us that he is a very rich merchant. c. The artist wants the viewer to understand that the subject is a very rich and important merchant. He is wearing very expensive gold and clothing. d. Larry is a merchant. He is serious and can have a hardy laugh at times. He likes gold accent pieces. He cares about trade and making money.
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