God's Way of Smiling

As the saying goes, flowers are God’s way of smiling. The following fifteen artworks by various artists are based on the nature of flowers, depicting its various meanings and emotions.Discover the true beauty of flowers as you embark on the expressions of nature.

From visiting this gallery, you will notice the many vivid ways and structures in which flowers are created, from abstract to realism. The variety of colours endorsed in the creation of art will influence you to think more deeply into the perspective of the artwork.

You will notice the tranquillity that floral artworks bring to mind and the ability to inspire people. I invite you too, to experience the warmth and smiles flowers bring to mind just as I have been taken.

Observe every small detail that is needed in the creation of a brilliant artwork, from the bold shading of a pencil to indent patterns carefully placed on stone.

This gallery will truly transform you to think differently about flowers, not just for its beauty, but how we too are just like flowers.

From using watercolour as the medium, it is easy to identify that this artwork is a structural frame. The watercolour and young faces within the flowers enhance a child-like perspective to the viewers
Simply recognising the type of plant and noticing the characters written at the side of the artwork, we are able to conclude that the image was made in Japan.Therefore, belongs to the cultural frame.
We can easily perceive that the artwork is subjective through the role of the flowers. The flowers are a symbol of love and affection which associate with the main image of Madonna and Jesus.
A visual contrast between man-made and nature.The post modern frame combines artificial matter that will not usually be in a museum to form organic figures. A symbol of nature that will last forever.
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