Women's Education

Girls in developing countries espicially need mentoring and inspiration to further their education. They need to grow up to see themselves as educated women, who can make a change.
From the late 1800's women have been striving to get their education. They will continue to fight farther in the 21st century. The fight is not over and problaly never will be.
Teachers are the forefront of this battle. The better women teachers and mentors. We need teacher to inspire young women to push their education and be the future world leaders.
Education is power. Education is essential to remove yourself from poverty or bad situations. Education is important for everyone to have.
As technology advances, so does education. It makes it easier for anyone to get education. The access is good for everyone's education.
Media has a lot of power to promote girls and womens education. We need to show more women role models and girls having education. Instead of bodies being so hot, brains should be more important.
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