World War ii (1939-1945)

3. One similarity-They all have sadness, bad things are happening to them, pain, destruction, and starvation! One variation- They all show different places where tragedy occurred during the war.                             

1. They are all going through a lot of pain. They are also all very skinny and starving. The Nazis enslaved all of the woman because they were different people, Jews, Jehovah's witnesses, etc. In the concentration camps it must have been painful! 2. I could not relate to the pain and hunger they went through. Nor will I probably ever go through that much pain.
1. They are all skeletons that represents that they are all starving. To be so starving that you have no fat on your body takes a long time. That would mean that they have been starving for a while! It shows one body sitting up and still alive which means he is still in pain! 2. I have been to the hospital once before. I have felt very hungry before but never this much! Once I told my mom I was starving and she said "you don't know what starving is," Now I know what she meant.
1. This picture shows the bombing that took place during WWII. When they took all the races to concentration camps the practically destroyed their home towns! Then they took the people by force. 2. If someone started to drop bombs near my house I would be scared too. If someone was bombing my house I would be way to startled to fight them back from taking me to the concentration camps.
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