the sea and ocean 

"Over thy ages, many a people struggled on the sea. Encountering the strength of the ocean that would take down boats and eliminate crews, and lets not forget the intense storms.Some time passed and people started to portray these colossal boats and seascapes in different art mediums, here are some of those very depictions".   (Yencha,Raymond)2016

In this Painting by Castro, I see what appears to be a battle, either during the battle or after the battle a boat was struck causing it to catch fire and smoke. I believe this creates good moment in the painting, In addition the light colors and dark colors give great contrast, which to me shows effective use of color. I chose this piece because I could see elements of art that we have been learning about such ass color and movement that I covered, but not only that but because I love detail. This piece is a perfect example of extremely high detail.
In this painting by Aernout, there is clearly a bad storm happening. Because of the storm the sea swells up and creates huge wave s that are tossing about these two boats, towards curtain death if they collide with the rocks. the painting is very dark with just a hint of light breaking through the clouds which could suggest that the storm is nearing its end. I chose this piece because I love the way the waves are gorgeously depicted and it defiantly met the criteria I set for this gallery.
Now this piece here by Theodore, is awesome because I can't tell if the boat in the foreground is sinking and in need of help, or if it was attacked by the boat in the distance. or perhaps it was sneaking up on the boat in the distance? this is why I chose this piece for the gallery, because it puts the viewer in the position to wonder and really entice interest.
This Piece by Jan Brueghel is appealing to me because it would appear its a rough day on the ocean, but there is work to be done. So the fishermen? or traders appear to be getting ready to ship off and get to work for there family. I chose this piece because apart from the rest of my gallery thus far this depicts people working with the sea as a tool for transportation, but not only that but I enjoy the lighter colors in this piece also.
Well as for this piece by Eugene, its apparently about Christ on the sea, however as we have discussed pretty often in class, art is subjective so heres what I see. I see a man who is either tired or sea sick, which could suggest he's been at see for quite sometime. The sea is rough and sky is gloomy it could be night or there could be a storm ripping up the ocean. The reason I chose this piece was because It has a ship fighting through the waves with a man braving the seas wraith, Im a firm believer in my faith but I didn't want to include my religious opinion on this piece.
Oddly enough the reason I chose this piece is because yes it does embrace the ocean but the way I looked at it was strange. I see that there is a city behind what would appear to be a dam before the water hits the ocean, now hear me out what if what that city was actually large sail boats ? I think its all up to how you look at it, after all it is art.
The reason I chose this piece by Jan, was because unlike any of the pieces in my gallery so far the ocean appears completely still free of a storms wraith. The boats are done up in high detail as is the water and the sky, this is the way I view art and I love this painting.
In this Piece there is a collection of boats in one spot, now I'm not sure what they are doing however I do know that the ocean is cooperation with the voyage, weather its and exposition or a military operation this is one time through out this gallery that you don't see the ocean calm but you also don't see it tossing the boats about and that is why I chose this piece to create that bit of contrast needed to take away from the repetitiveness.
I chose this piece by Van Trop because of this way its painted, I would appear to be done in oil and yet the detail of the boats is really good, but the boats are also the focus I would thin.the other thing I enjoy about this paining is the perspective as the boats follow each other until there basically unrecognizable.
I chose this piece by Joan, Because its simply stunning. I think of all the pieces the detail represented in this painting is simply gorgeous, I honestly can't imagine how long it took to paint the water or the boat in the mid ground that holds outstanding detail, the background holds a few more boats with and amazing view of the mountains, and lastly the piece is very calming when you look at it.
Credits: All media
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