Van Goghs Gallery 113

I think this room is very colorful ,cool, and calm i would actually sleep in this room! His room was very neat too.
The Starry Night is so beautiful and amazing I would just like to lay down on the grass and watch the stars go by.
The head of the skeleton is so creepy and cool at the same time and funny because it's a skeleton smoking a cigar!!!
I picked the fruit because it looks very good and it's unigue and i would really eat it and my favorite fruit is in there grapes!!!
The waves are so beautiful and big and blue and right in the back you can see the small sail boat and a different boat
The sun flowers are cool because i did this project in first grade and it brings back a lot of memories at my old school
This picture looks like the people are very poor and have nothing else to eat but potatoes and are with family or friends
I picked the apples because there red and yellow very pretty colors and because they look good to eat and they also look like there calm
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