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Matias Gonzalez

Texture The coin is engraved with arabic word name border, it demonstrates the use of texturing on metal works very good.
Color. This picture shows how the farmers are damaged by the fire, and expresses a lot of emotions, and the color of this piece blend in together.
Color. This painting shows the view and the contrast of what it wants to show, feels sort of freedom.
Texture, you can seethat this painting has a lot of detail, and you can see also the brush stroke.
SYMMETRY. the grass is like a pattern in this picture, and also the leaves, it shows a similar aspect.
Line. This drawing shows the lines of the human body alot.
Color. The color here is very drastic, you can see the green, light and dark colors all over this drawing,
Perspective. How this sculpture is located showing sort of pain, and agony, because of how you are looking it.
Lines. The lines here are all over the place, from the background to the main focus of what the artist want us to see,
SYMMETRY. The snow is all over the place covering almost all the picture, and there is very few detail and color on the drawing.
Texture. This drawing has being painted with  very thin brush, you see no brush strokes here.
Line. The portrait of this picture has a lot of lines, here you can see his arm and his body with all the line definition of how was he drawn.
Composition. this painting is composed of very few detail and shows the same pattern all over the place.
Color. this portrait has a good detail and has a good contrast between the background and her.
Texture. there is a lot of brush stoke here, in the sky and in the ground, looks like a cloudy day.
Credits: All media
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