This display is about the progress of African Americans. It includes pieces that show African American founders and inventions, African American women, and increase of strength in mind, power, and soul. This is a collection from various artist. Each of the 8 pieces shows a powerful African American child, woman, and or man. 

This is a portrait created by Charles Dawson in 1933. It shows Booker T Washington, founder of Tuskegee, a very dominant leader in the African American community. Tuskegee is a college university.
This banner was created in 1924 by the Oklahoma Federation of Colored Women. The National Associated of Colored Women, established in 1986, now use this as their motto. Women have progressed greatly.
There were always women roles, just weren't acknowledged. This women slave caretaker with her masters' child. She is dressed down compared to the child. African American women weren't as powerful.
This piece shows another role of African American women. You were either a caretaker or maid around this time. Old slaves now free, but still down due to lack of opportunities for African Americans.
Head of a Woman was created in 1967 by, a famous 20th century artist, Elizabeth Catlett. This shows a battered African American woman, but she is very strong and powerful mentally.
Black and Proud created in 1970 by McCann-Erickson. Youth Urban Leagues began to come about. African Americans wanted to empower the young, and keep the positivity growing.
Due to youth urban leagues and other groups and empowering people. African Americans began to excell in many things. This is a Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player, in 1989.
The African Americans, who began to excel in life also campaigned and offered opportunity to expand in life. They encouraged African Americans to push in life, no matter the odds. This caused progress
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