Blue landscapes

The theme I have chosen for my gallery is blue landscapes. They all have relatively muted colors with low contrast between each other. Also, each piece is paint-based and has water as part of the subject. I chose this theme because blue gives me a calming feeling and I tend to enjoy art pieces that are shades of blue. I chose landscapes because it is a specific enough theme that I could find good pieces but is also broad enough to find a large amount of pieces on the subject. I am nature-oriented and enjoy looking at landscape art. 

This piece relates to my theme because of its colors. It has dark blue shades with low contrast. It is water-oriented as well and fits well within my theme of blue landscapes. It depicts water lilies.
This blue painting also fits well within my theme. It is a landscape of a field of blue flowers and the colors compliment each other well, rather than contrasting. Just like the other paintings, it creates a calm feeling.
This ocean and mountain landscape fits well within my theme of color as well as subject. The blue ripples in the ocean as well as the shade of blue in the sky makes it go well with my color theme.
This dark painting is of the beach at nighttime. The small portion of water shown as well as the night sky add to my blue theme and make the piece fit well. It is nature oriented to fit within my landscape theme.
This painting depicts a boat against the ocean in shades of grey, silver and blue. The colors fit well within my theme. Although there is a boat, I find that the main focus is one the landscape, which also fits well in my theme.
This landscape depicts a large lake and mountains in different shades of green and blue. My theme of blue landscapes is fulfilled by this piece and adds to the calming effects in my theme.
This simplistic painting is of an ocean landscape with a city scape in the background. It is a light shade of blue with other shades of grey and silver which fits into one of the factors of my theme.
A painting of the Alpes in shades of yellows, purples, greens and blues fits well within my theme of blue landscapes. It has low contrast and creates a peaceful feeling when viewing it.
The colors of this painting have a hazy feeling to it. The blue lake and sky make it go well with the rest of my gallery. It depicts mountains full of trees and bushes and a lake in the middle with the sky in the background.
This painting of the ocean on the coast fits well in my theme of blue landscapes. It has low contrast and is calming to the eye. It uses shades of blue for the sky and the water.
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