An online exhibition of paintings that contain destruction and chaos. 

World War 2 was devastating to the entire world but mostly Europe. Germany did not evade the devastation as it saw the complete wipeout of cities.The destruction of Germany was surely a cosmic justice. The way the colors are all mixed up on this portrait demonstrate how chaotic and messy this war was.
In 1889 a bunch of New Zealanders committed the heinous act of murder and cannibalism of Europeans. It is bloodiest instances of cannibalism on record. The celebration of the men shows how evil and sadistic people can truly be. The details of the painting also brings the work to life and one can truly fear the cannibals.
The people watching the goring of another human for sport shows the barbaric nature that humans posses. The people watch in excitement as another person is maimed to death. The colors used in the portrait are darkened and it gives the painting a real effect. The blood flowing out of the person who was impaled also gives the painting a darker feel.
This painting shows the annihilation of a Turkish transport during the first world war. It shows that as humankind is able to advance our technology, we will still find a way to destroy. This painting was done on an oil canvas and gives the work an old but modern feeling.
The destruction of one of the most sacred places in the world shows that people genuinely do not care about anything. Jerusalem is considered to be a Christian's holy place. It is much like Mecca. Humans can be vile.
Humans once again are participating in unnecessary destruction in New Orleans. This painting is very ironic because this painting is taking place on land and water. New Orleans has been victimized by not only natural disasters but man too has destroyed and ruined the city.
The explosions flying into the soldiers sights give this work a piece and feel of realism. The fact that this fortress has been infiltrated by enemies always shows how dire the situation is. The way the explosions are drawn and colored give the work the true war experience.
This painting is very tough to look at as it shows that humans and horses all trampled on each other to death. It proves that humans are violent and very wicked towards each other. People will fight to the point where they will kill each other and nobody is left. This painting does a great job of showing that.
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