Soldiers of world war i

Sarah Calcutt

Soldiers fighting from the trenches. They are using periscope rifles to locate and aim at their targets. Trenches were cramped with people and gear and were the main way of fighting during ww1.
British troop in a dugout. Living in safety in between battles. Wartime brought soldiers into conditions that they had not lived in before to try to stay safe as long as they could.
French cabin boys being transported for the war. Many countries came together to fight in alliances.
Soldiers helping another soldier with a head wound. With no doctors readily available soldiers had makeshift ways of attending for wounds until they could be properly treated.
A soldier carrying two children. The war effected people from all over the world of all ages. Soldiers such as the man in this picture saw the effects of the war every day.
Troops wrote letters to their families to keep in touch and send hope of seeing them again. This soldier used his dugout as a safe place to work on the only connection he had with his family.
Soldiers fighting in trenches laid down when not shooting to stay safe but were ready to fight at any moment they needed to.
This soldier is carrying his comrade who is wounded in search of metrical attention. Soldiers did everything they could to help keep each other safe during the difficult time.
Chefs played an important role in the war as well as soldiers. Chefs cooked food that would keep the soldiers going during battle to help ensure the success of the soldiers.
Soldiers march towards the pyramids ready for battle. The war brought people to all sorts of places to fight.
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