My Top 15

i like the landscape in this painting, the hills and how much land is actually in the painting. I like how much detail is in the trees at the bottom and how he used a lot of different tones .
i like this painting because the lack of variety of colours made it seem like an optical allusion at first but then i realized that it was houses.
i think that this painting is beautiful. I really like how soft all of the people look and how everything blends together, but yet its incredibly detailed.
i thought that this painting was really creative and original . I think that its a lot of fun how their different body parts arent in proportion with eachother, with the big head and hands
I like this painting because of the different textures that are used and how dark and eerie the painting is. I enjoy the way the water changes colours from deep blue to a murky white.
This painting was cool because of all the detail . it almost looks like a photograph to me, and i appreciate artists that can make paintings look so realistic
I like the simplicity of this painting. It is just a bedroom but i like how it looks kind of wonky , its got a cozy feel to it that i like.
i don't actually like the pear tree in this picture, it doesn't really cut if for me. but i like the detail in the ground that the pear tree is on so i added it.
i like still life especially with pretty flowers. i like how soft all the flowers in the background are and i love the way the flowers look like they are floating on water.
this painting is amazing . i like how dark it looks , the detail in the top right and the way the clouds change color is my favorite.
i like the choice of colours in this painting. how all the bright colours are in the middle and the outside is just different shades of blue.
basically all of kieth harings art s super cool because of how simple they are. but they are never boring. I like this one cause there is alot to look at.
i love how the colours are blended in this painting they're is a lot of really deep greens and blues but all the colours flow nicely.
i think this painting is really cool because its just a bunch of tall trees but the use of texture is really cool and there is so much of it.
i really like this one, i think its beautiful . great shading and use of colour tone. and like every part of this painting pops out to me.
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