The Red Tide

This gallery's main characteristic is the dominance of the red color.

In this painting we can see a woman with what appears to be her son, and some gloves in her hand, in a bright red dress, which is the main characteristic in this image.
This picture depicts a trumpeter in concerts in a magnificent red suit. The main focus of the overall image is what splits the background from the foreground which is the intense red on a dull background
This painting by Colombian artist Obregon shows an abstract depiction of a dead student, in a funeral with flowers around him and what appears to be a chicken by his side. This is a great use of red shades.
This painting is abstract and is defined by geometrical shapes. The different values of red is what separate the shapes from each other. The biggest shape is the brightest while the other shapes fall into the background with less saturation.
This work of art looks like it might be some russian propaganda, with a nice minimalistic design, very simple with a white background, and a red and black foreground, that blends in a nice balanced way.
This piece shows a strong red background with a lot of small people in different colored dresses all around what seems to be a gathering in a house.
This is a nice cartoon by an artist recognised by all the 90's kids, Hanna-Barbera. This is a cartoon of the Harlem Globetrotters with a red background and the characters in the center.
This piece looks to be a poster that consists of a red background and Black letters in the title with a black and white man in the front, making a good contrast with the red.
This sculpture is an abstract recreation of a head in green color and a base that is made out of huge chains in a red color bigger than the actual head.
This is an awesome creation of some matryoshkas or russian nesting dolls created with spray cans of decreasing sizes This have a lot of details and a red top which is the dominant color of the matryoshkas.
Credits: All media
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