romeo & juliet

These paintings are showing the five main scenes of the play Romeo And Juliet.

This artwork relates to the story romeo and Juliet because in the story Romeo gets banished after killing Tybalt and the prince says " and for that offence, immediately we do exile him hence." In the painting it shows Taga choko being banished.
This picture is similar to the seen where Juliet is just talking to herself because she is sad. Quote: O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo? It relates to the picture because the girls look sad.
This picture relates too the party scene in Romeo and Juliet because in the painting everybody is having a good time just like in the play. You can tell they are having a good time from the when juliets father says this quote, "Welcome, gentleman! ladies that have their toes."
This picture resembles the fake death of Juliet in Romeo and Juliet when she decided to drink the potion. "Romeo, I come! this I do drink to thee" is what Juliet says right before drinking the potion.
This picture relates to the scene where both die together at the end of the play. Romeos last words before he died were " these drugs are quick! thus with a kiss i die." and Juliet's final words were " O happy dagger! this is thy sheath; there rust , and let me die."
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