Head in the Clouds - (Kellie Patterson)

These abstract expressions are all using the well-known medium of oil on canvas. Some of these expressions could be associated with dreams. When I was a child I loved abstract art. These particular pieces remind me of what the artist might dream about, or when their heads are in the clouds.

This painting is very interesting to me. Arcimboldo portrays a person, but made of books, hence the title, The Librarian. The details in the painting are so creative. Most of his body is made of books. I love the bookmarks used as fingers. Arcimboldo even used the curtain from the background as part of his ensemble. There are many sharp lines used on the books in this art work. The texture used to paint the books and many other attributes make the books very realistic.
This next painting was painted by the same artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo. I truly enjoy his work. In this painting he created another portrait of a person. This time he used elements of summer, hence the title, “Summer”. The portrait measures w1022 x h1231.9. He also weaved his name in the neck line of the portrait. The use of the different fruit and vegetables is a good use of the proportion principle of design.
This painting was painted by Edvard Munch. I found this piece very interesting. I love the colors he used in this painting. You can see the fear in the main persons face. There are also two other people in the background walking ahead. According to Munch, he based this piece off of an experience he had while walking with his two friends. He explained how the sky turned red and he felt anxiety. Almost as if a scream was “passing through nature”. The portrait measures w660 x h830 cm.
This piece is probably the most tormented piece of my gallery. Craesbeeck, a religious man, painted this piece in hopes of reviving Catholicism. Saint Anthony is seen underneath the tree on the right, apparently holding scriptures as all these “evil thoughts given physical form” approach him. On the tree is a drawn image of Jesus on the cross. Not to be ignored, is a giant man’s head where those evil thoughts are coming from. Clearly you can see the front of his head ripped open. If you look closely you can see the devil horns on almost all of the figures in the painting. The artist used color very well in showing the light shining over the large mans head.
I consider this piece less abstract and more dream like because of the way Wood painted it. This one was clearly about George Washington and the famous story about him chopping down his father’s cherry tree. You can see the painter Wood, pointing to the much younger George as he stands in front of what is assumed to be his father with a cherry tree trunk in his hand. Wood felt that if he created a painting to remind people of George Washington’s honesty that, that would help increase the country’s patriotism. This piece uses many elements of color and lines, even proportion. The way Wood is shown much larger as if he was presenting the image of George Washington to us.
This is probably the most famous work of art in my gallery. Van Gogh, also one of the most famous artists in my gallery, painted this piece. This piece has always made me feel very calm. I believe this was painted from memory, which could explain the “haziness” of the way he painted this piece. Van Gogh use color very well in this piece. It is obviously night and the stars shine very brightly.
This piece by Alejandro Obregon is a painting of a dead student. The use of color is very menacing. Without know what the title means you can tell the person is dead. The reds remind you of blood and the darker color underneath the person looks like a table. The way he painted it almost looks like patchwork.
This piece is also called “Winter”. This is exactly what I believe examples of abstract expressions are based upon. In this work you can what looks like a woman’s body with a flower-like (possibly alien) head. Her arm looks like a ball of some sort. The gradient colored background draws your attention to the mid section of the woman and the legs in the background without a body.
This piece was painted by the same artist as “Invierno”. In this painting Liberti looks like he is trying to portray very abstract buildings. It looks like a city, without windows. I find this piece very interesting. The colors used on the buildings give them depth.
The longer I look at this piece of art the more sure I am that I have no idea what the artist, Alvaro Santiago is trying to say. However, I do love the color combinations used and the way the artist positioned the different newspapers and books. It is very interesting the way the top left image is the darkest besides the book at the bottom. I wonder what relation the artist was trying to convey.
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