To the Stars and Above

A collection of gods in marble

"The Father of Gods and Men", Zeus is the best sculpture to start a presentation about the stars and above. He is the god of the sky and thunder, ruling over all Olympians.
The goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. This statue depicts Aphrodite rising from her bath with a column behind her with her cloths or a towel on it.
Thor was a no brainer because he is the most recognizable character in norse mythology. This piece shows amazing form with a link between modern and classical sculpting.
I chose this because of its flawless form. You can see the determination on Perseus' face and pain/anger on Medusa's. It shows violence and fear very well, making it my favorite piece in my gallery.
Achilles is the Greek hero of the Trojan War. I liked this because it is, obviously, a broken part of a larger statue. It leaves me to wonder what the rest of the statue is.
Proserpina is the Roman goddess whose story is the basis of a myth of Springtime. The Greek label her as the goddess of grain and agriculture. I like it because of how clean it looks.
Dionysos or Bacchus is the god of many things but i've broke down to partying. I like this because it shows how casual he is. You can see what he likes and what his personality was like.
Flora the goddess of flowers. I like this because it's a representation of Flora but it's a model of his third daughter at the age of 4. Also the detail on the crown and sash is delicately carved.
Apollo, the god of the sun, is another son of Zeus. I really like this because it shows Apollo being pompous. I see the look on his face and from his stance, it shows that he is confident in himself.
Dalilah is a biblical figure who tricked and led to the downfall of Samson. I like this! It shows that she was beautiful and deadly. Has there ever been committed an act of such shear barberism?
Venue is the goddess of love and she is using that here to pull in a sea monster. I was drawn to this because of how Venus was using her "powers" to pull her enemies in.
I liked this because the form of cloth and how the figures are atomically correct. The detail in Psyche Cupid's hair is also astounding.
Saturn is the god of capitol. I pulled this piece into my gallery because I learned something. Saturday was named because of him as well as a planet and a roman festival. Also I loved the detail!
Diana is the goddess of the hunt. I loved this because it shows her love of nature and what she excels at. She is a huntress and is good at what she does, by her expression.
This piece shows Venus gazing upwardly at Mars while he adorns a roman Centurion style helmet and holds a spear. I like and decided to put this in because it shows what time period it was made in.
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