the illusion of perspective

Vernard Atkinson

I chose this picture because it gives the user the ability to see the picture how they want to using an optical illusion.
I chose this picture because in reality it is just a bunch of lights. but they are strategically placed to make it look like a human.
This piece uses perspective to give the piece meaning. if you don't look like at it at the correct angle it looks misconstrued.
I love this piece because at first you only see either a male or a female which kinda makes you wonder why you see that sex first in the piece.
This piece uses 2d images to make a 3d surface and what looks like painted on clouds.
This gives you at a ants eye veiw a picture of nature. But at a birds eye view it will just be stairs.
This piece strikes me as amazing because it looks as if the creator has spun a camera around during an aurora or perhaps used some sort of mirror or refraction device.
this is another piece where you have to stand in the right spot to see the piece accurately.
if you are looking at this piece closely all you see is fields of grass and some metal but from a distance you see the pistol.
this piece almost doesn't give you a perspective because there are no straight lines except on the floor.
this building looks as if is covered in license plates from the right angle but in fact is a building.
this is a painting of a women counting sheep but if you turn it upside down it could be sheep thinking about it's herder boxing it in.
this piece up close is just a bunch of lines up close but if you step back it turns into a city.
this piece is what looks like a polar bear trapped in a coke bottle which if weren't for warped perspective wouldn't be possible.
up close i could imagine this would look abstract but if you step back it looks like a giant crow and multiple flying crows.
Credits: All media
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