Cubism a Modernist view of art

This gallery includes paintings from various artist who utilized an art technique that paved the way for progressive abstract art. Cubism is known for its use of shapes and lines to make a mosaic like painting. 

Georges Braque was one of the modernist who introduced cubism. This artistic technique is evident in this multi-point form of art. In Braque’s 1911 piece “Fox” there are many random lines drawn and at first glance, it does not seem to form a complete thought. Upon, closer examination we can see the words TOM, GIN, and the number 75. Yet, this painting on a whole represented a bar that was frequented by many artists. Braque’s used the formal element of lines to create this abstract interpretation of the bar. He uses sharp, jagged lines to convey his bar like atmosphere
The fourteenth of July by Roger De La Fresnaye depicts the celebration of July 14th in France. The formal element of lines is used in this piece to demonstrate size and to create contrast between the different elements. There are small French flags being flown far back on the upper left hand of the painting that provide contrast to the larger images of people in the center. The focal point of this piece are the two people who seem to have no emotion during this celebration. Although there are many colors in this piece there is a strong Triadic feel with the focused colors being Blue, Green, and Red. We can also see the element of shape come into play as the rigid shapes of the painting come together to make a complete thought.
The Cellist by Max Weber is an extraordinary painting which not only shows what cubism is but does it while maintaining a focal point of a cello. Through its linier composition we can see that the there seems to be a man sitting playing the cello but the images are melted together thus giving us a sense of movement. Various rigged lines can be seen throughout this piece that show us depth. Weber uses the formal element of shapes as he uses shapes like patchwork to create an image of the cello and the musician playing it.
The Bridge by Dorrit BLACK demonstrates a modern take on art. Through the inspiration of cubism Black painted a sea side view of a bridge with a hillside scenery with a home on the valley. This piece is an oil painting that demonstrates space and distance through its painting technique. The formal element of color is depicted here as I It has an analogous color scheme to it using Blue, Green, and Violets. Yet, we can still see the cubism technique with use of elements of shape and line.
La Ville De Paris by Robert Delaunay painted in 1911 uses color in this oil painted piece is beautiful. The Hues of Blue, White and Yellow create a harmonious pallet that offer the viewer a peaceful energy. Through the use of geometrical shapes Delaunay use three nude women as the focal point in this painting while allowing the background of Paris shine through. The yellow used in the Eiffel tower and its position allow us to see that the proportion in this piece.
Juan Garis oil painted uses everything in his piece, Portrait of Josette Gris. His use of value in this piece is almost somber. There are integrated lines in this piece which make his portrayal of his wife a cubism masterpiece. The grayscale colors that Garis used create a unified feel to the relationship between his wife and the geometric shapes that are compiled to make this piece so memorable. Josette seems to be siting on a chair or a bench with her hands crossed looking down seemingly serene.
Painted with oils the art piece, Women with a Fan by Emil Filla displays cubism as fragments pieced together. You can see through the jagged lines that there is a face in the top center of the painting. There are also organic shapes from leaves painted with complementary colors. The compiled variety of images with in this piece are stagnate but come together to make this work of art a modern style of art work.
Diego Rivera worked a learned the style of art know as Cubism. In his painting Young man with a Fountain Pen, Rivera dabbled with texture by mixing sand into his art piece. The picture shows us an image of a man both looking at his writing as well as looking out towards the painting. The Value of this piece and how it relates to the combination of light allows us to view Rivera’s work through the form of art know as cubism was a refreshing out look at art through the eyes of a modern artist.
David Bomberg painted Sappers at Work: Canadian Tunnelling Company is an example of cubism utilizing geometric shapes to convey a moment in time when men were working to build a tunnel. This caroled art piece is a monochromatic color scheme that utilizes lines to show depth ad dimension within a painting. The repetition of pulleys and angles represented in the tunnel allow us to see that Bomberg was a talented artist who knew how to emote the artistic views of modernist through the cubism technique.
This painting by Diego Rivera titled “Composition with Bust” utilizes geometric shapes to demonstrate cubism. The use of lines can be found throughout this piece. Additionally, the depth and quality use of colors and their shadows are evident in Rivera’s artistic process. Asymmetrical balance is used by the illusion of the square shapes and linier lines placed almost creating a box with in the frame.
Credits: All media
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