Cherry Yuan  Ariana Candelas

This statues muscles and facial structure are very defined and real looking.The background behind him is very detailed and his shadows add affect.
The drawing shows the bones that are very defined. The texture on his body is very realistic
The colors in this picture are used really well to contrast each other and make the humans pop out. The birds add more intrest and attract you more to the photo.
His hair looks very realistic. His facial featuers are very shape and draw attention to the picture.
In this amazing picture you see some light and some dark colors to add contrast. Some people in this painting are sitting and some are standing to add definition.
This drawing draws you to it because there are so many different drawings in there its unreal.
This beautiful picture shows true colors that define and draw you to it.The feauters on the monsters are very realistic.
This sculpture draws you to it because of the 3-d effect. The kids around her show more intrest in the picture
This picture has a lot of things going on at once which makes you want to know more about it. The woman standing in the back with the red dress adds contrast.
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