The Feminine Critique

Both Antigone and Introductory Lectures discuss femininity in their own ways, with Antigone being a model for female empowerment while Lectures discusses the complexity of both the female psyche and the mysterious nature of the feminine mind. This is a gallery of art relating to the beauty of the female form, and the way it is viewed by both men and other women. The art in this gallery reflects traditional standards of beauty, but it also shows female empowerment and positive body image. Much like Antigone and Lectures

A woman's torso, representing the central core female form. This statue encapsulates all of the predominant female sexual organs.
A picture of the natural female form, wounded by perhaps the image of what defines the "perfect" female body.
A tapestry depicting the goddess of beauty as she is propositioned by the notoriously lascivious satyr. Represents female beauty and male sexual dominance.
A water spigot in the shape of a woman. Possibly represents the life giving properties of the uterus, and the power of femininity
A woman eating a banana, a clearly phallic symbol, with a look of anger on her face as clear sign of female rebellion
Vertumnus tricking the beautiful goddess Pomona, trying to establish the idea of male sexual dominance over natural female beauty
a woman reveling in her female form, surrounded by disproving figures of oppressive chastity
A painting of a woman displaying her body. Her body language makes it seem like she is proud of her female body.
Credits: All media
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