Egyptian Art

By Ryan Staerker

This Chalice from about 1080 BC. It is in the form of a lotus a common and beautiful flower native to the area. This Chalice shows common egyptian animals. The medium is Egyptian faience.
This Scarab was made in 1390 B.C. in egypt. It is a small little sculpture, that's Medium is rock.
This statue of a family was created around 3000 B.C. in egypt. Its Medium is limestone. This is a common statue for the wealthy in egypt.
This sculpture of Hatshepsut was created around 1450 B.C. in egypt. It's medium is granite. This was a sculpture that was to honor their ruler.
From an early period, the amphora, a two-handled vessel designed for storing and transporting oil and wine. The Medium is Earthenware.
Credits: All media
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