The Praboo Ariva Love Art Gallery

"Love Is In The Art". This gallery is a compilation of love illustrations by various artists that uses a wide choice of color palette and techniques in expressing them.

The picture shows a couple kissing each other. The couple are getting intimate, making them connecting to one another physically.
A man is gently caressing his woman from the back. They are displaying affection for each other by hugging and smiling. There is warmth in this work.
A mother is hugging her son in this street art. Affection and warmth is shown, relating the love of a mother to her child.
This work makes the character in the image looks like she is lost in the midst of being in love. The character looks a little sad.
A man is giving the lady a kiss on her neck while he stands. The colorful combination of wardrobe and background elevates the mood of romance in this work.
A lady is displaying her love of painting as she attempts painting a portrait of herself. Brown color backdrop with green foreground evokes the mood of her love for painting.
A man is watching his lady closely as she handles the vegetable. The color palette used in this art shows us love in the olden days.
A couple is kissing passionately. The colors used in this piece shows us the true feelings of love and excitement. They spark a connection between both the man and woman.
A mother is kissing her baby. This art depicts the mothers love and the colors used shows us genuine love and care of a mother for her child.
A lady is writing a love letter to her lover while being fanned by her maid. The colors show that she's a rebel when it comes to love. It looks like she's from a royal family.
Credits: All media
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