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Bronze is a yellowish-brown alloy of copper with up to one third tin.In Ancient China bronze was made out of copper,aluminum,manganese,nickel,zink,arsenic,phosphorus,and silicon.The Ancient Chinese made weapons ,vessels,ornaments,knives,swords,spears,axes,and daggers.Bronze was helpful to the Ancient Chinese because it was useful source of material used to make ritual vessels and statues.
Oracle Bones are carvings in a bone or a turtle shell that allowed you to ask your ancestors a question about the future.The materials that they needed were ox,scapula,bronze,pins,and animal bones.Oracle Bones were valued because it gave them answers about the future.
Fans became very popular during the Ming Dynasty.The earliest fans were made of feathers,but later on they could be made of anything.The invention came from Japan and Korea.China was last to catch up.When these became popular they were very affordable so,everyone had one.
Jade is a stone with beautiful colors,a rare mineral,and special to the Ancient Chinese culture.To make Jade you will need two different metamorphic rocks,and silicate materials.The Ancient Chinese used Jade to make bracelets,rings,statues,necklaces,and other creations.Jade was VERY popular in the early dynasties,because kings,nobles,and other high classes bought Jade for beautiful accessories.
Hair ornaments are used to look fancy,and special ceremonies,like weddings,for both men and woman.These usually tell you how rich you are.The materials used to make them are jade,gold,silver,ivory,bronze,and carved wood.
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