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I love the different shades of green and blue in this piece. You can see the depth. The reflection is very realistic. The outward appearance looks very detailed but in reality it is not.
The colors in this painting are beautiful together and I love how the artist made it seem like you are looking into the distance. The artist did a great job of making it look detailed.
This painting is also deceiving. It makes you think that it is very detailed, but it actually just is a bunch of strokes. This painting also uses different colors than most of the paintings I enjoy.
When i first saw this piece I thought it was snow until saw the title. Because of that, my attention was drawn to it. My guess is that this a wave in the ocean.
The shade of blue that Munch uses is beautiful. I like this medium of art. My favorite paintings involve the outdoors and this is another one that falls in that category.
The hay looks very realistic until you zoom in and realize it's actually just a bunch of strokes of paint. I also find the sky and trees very interesting.
This painting is very fascinating to me. There are so many different colors in a painting that complement each other. My eyes are first drawn to the sun in the middle and then I see the other detail.
This mural is extremely different from most of the other items in my gallery. My attention was first drawn to it because I love elephants. I also love the colors used in this mural.
I can't really figure out what it is about this painting that I like so much. The attention to detail in the restaurant is very clear to me.
I'm not quit sure if this is just one painting or not but I find it fascinating. The white in this piece of work really stands out and highlights it very well.
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