This painting I feel captures motion by its swirling waves of air. And how the land seems almost wave like.
this painting is complex in many ways by the numerous figures shown throughout it. It is chaotic but combines together to show "The Fall of the Rebel Angels". What made me think of movement in the painting was how each of the characters featured was doing some sort of action.
I have to say this is one of my favorite paintings I've found. What captivates me on this is how by looking at the painting you can make up stories about the characters. The people being refuges of a war, merchants, or anything else you can imagine. I feel like this captures motion by how the group is traveling through the desert and is "moving" forward.
This painting I will admit can be interpreted as morbid and it will. But it is the motion of life (the smoking of the cigarette) and the end of motion (the skeleton).
These portraits by Da VInci show the movement of yelling and the showing of the facial expressions. They seem so small but are a large part in human emotion.
This painting to me captures the motion of shadows. The showing of these shadows brings my mind to how the shadows move slowly their positions throughout the day as the earth moves.
Everyone knows the myth of Medusa. This painting saddens me by her expression for she is alone except for her statues and snakes. The curls of the snakes in her hair reminded me of movement. While her slight frown reminded me of regret.
Chaos is what this reminds me of. The layers of colour and the movement of the brush.
This picture reminds me of motion through the people leading the boats.
These motions are of the crashing waves, image of fire, and the billowing sails.
I like this photograph by its simplicity and only one main vocal point, Well at least to me. The movement that this reminds me of his the rippling water.
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