NoN-Fine Art At its Finest-SBU CLAR 209 SUM 1-Ruh

Art can be found all around us in our daily lives. Not just found in a museum, but in all different forms. This gallery is dedicated to displaying art in some more nontraditional forms 

In the barrios for many soccer represents an escape from daily life. A chance to escape their lives and get to another life. This nontraditional piece represents that dream to those who walk by it.
Unlike traditional painting s where one artist takes a painting from inception to completion. Modern street art, represents the collaboration from multiple artists to come together to create.
This is a play on the term dade. As in Miami Dade for example meaning town or county. Mental Dade is playing on that term and referring to the state of the people. I could see it applying to Miami too
In the "barrios" of many cities we see graffiti all over the place. Some is vulgar and rude, but some artists have grown their art form into a beautiful expression. This a great ironic statement about art.
I chose this piece because the artist is unknown, and that the non traditional street art made it into a museum. I love the use of bright strong colors and lines n these types of pieces it is what draws me to them I believe.
Credits: All media
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