Red Fabri-lous

Throughout history, the color red has been used in art to show love or to draw attention when used with a dark background. Being seen in art since people could color fabrics, red fabrics have been appearing in art as clothing for women, men, children, tables, pretty much anything fabric could be draped on.

For the first painting, we start way back in 1437 with Lucca Madonna by Jan van Eyck. The red fabric in this painting is used to show the woman's loving nature toward the child.
The second painting comes from around 1505. It is called Portrait of a Young Man in Red and it comes from the Circle of Raphael. The red fabric is used to show high status in this painting.
The next piece is from 1610 by Peter Paul Rubens called Venus and Adonis. The red fabric is used here to show how Adonis is important and strong, yet loving.
The next painting was painted in 1787 by Louise Elisabeth Vigée. It is called Marie-Antoinette de Lorraine-Habsbourg. The red fabric is used in this piece to show how loving Marie-Antoinette is to her children.
This piece comes from 1797 by Gilbert Stuart. It is called George Washington. The red fabric in this painting is used to show the importance and strength of George Washington. Since he is not wearing the red fabric, it doesn't give off a loving feel.
From 1810, this François Gérard piece, called Elisa Bonaparte with her daughter Napoleona Baciocchi, uses the red fabric to show Elisa's loving nature when it is paired with her daughter. It also has a good contrast with the background, drawing the eye to her.
This Osman Hamdi piece, called The Tortoise Trainer, uses the red fabric as more of an eye catcher than to give off emotion. With the red robe having a good contrast with the darker background, the eye is drawn directly to the trainer.
Flower Basket, by Shoen Uemura in 1915, uses red fabric to give off the feeling that the woman in the painting is loving, but since there are no children in the painting, that loving feeling could be interpreted in any way the viewer wishes.
The next piece in the gallery is by Renato Guttuso from 1982 called Portrait of A. Moravia. The red fabric used in this painting is used to show a bit of loving nature in the man, but it is mostly used as an eye grabber, drawing the eye to the bright red shirt.
The final piece in the gallery is Pecador by Inti. This piece was made in 2013 and the red fabric in this painting is used to show the loving nature of the person. It definitely is not used to catch the eye due to the entire painting using warm colors and different shades of red.
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