birds of the world

This exhibition or collections of artworks portrays and ties together different types of birds from all different environments from over the world. It incorporates different aspects of the natural environment such as birds, trees and water linking them together to create extremely expressive artworks. All of these artworks relate to each through the subject matter, the artists use of colour, tone and texture. The subject matter of this exhibition is the natural world more specifically birds of the world, this techniques creates interesting and engaging artworks.  Each artwork strongly emphasises this theme. All artists’ used in this exhibition very dull and cool colours through each of their artworks. They all used this technique of using cool and dull colours to capture some sort of emotion through their artwork, this being calm and relaxed. The tone of the artworks all relates to each other, this is because of the light tone used. This technique was used in some areas through all of the 15 artworks, its effects is creating dramatic artworks that clearly stand out. The relationship between the textures used in all of the artworks is that they are all quite thick and very real.  I choose this theme in my exhibition as birds are the first things that I think of when someone says that natural world so I thought it was an appropriate theme. I choose these 15 photos to represent my theme as I had strong connection with each of them, they all just strongly stood out to me and caught my attention mainly because of the use of colour. 

This artwork portrays the structural frame. We know this by the: • Colour-bleached,light • Tone-dramatic,contrasting • Texture-coarse,smooth • Pattern-broken,even • Composition-simple, balanced
This artwork portrays the cultural frame. We know this by the asian society & culture it was made in shown in the symbols on the artwork. The place & class of people in which live in that place.
This artwork explores the subjective frame. It goes into depth with emotions and feeling by use of black and white colour palette to express artists imagination and characteristics through art.
This artwork expresses the postmodern frame. It uses techniques as modernism, conceptual art and new media to express their experiences into a artwork.
Credits: All media
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