modern day street art

I really enjoy all of this art. It is all modern day and very very cool and some are very realistic. The self portraits are especially cool which is why all of the pictures i chose were self portraits.

this one is so realistic and i love it
i love the color that was incorporated in this picture to make the boy look sad
this pic is great i really like how it is just a quickly drawn pic of power box
i wonder where the idea for mushrooms came from
still with the mushrooms. who came up with this idea in the first place to put mushrooms on random buildings. I LOVE IT!!!!
this looks like it would of been something done in new orleans
i really enjoy how it is this wonderfully painted man on a building then there is all this other graffiti around it. That makes the pic like ten times better
freakin love this
what a wonderful display of emotion
how interesting is this a self portrait of the artist
Credits: All media
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