The Blues by Matt Newberry

Blue can be used to display a mesmerizing sense of calmness, peace, and beauty.

This piece is a good example of blue showing a peaceful setting. The dark blue silhouette of the mountains combined with the lighter blues on the almost still water really gives of a calm vibe.
Blue also brings a peaceful and calming sense to this painting as well. The sky is mostly a soft blue color with very few clouds in the sky bringing even a bustling city such as this to a slow pace.
The blue sky and water in this painting really bring out the peacefulness of the scene and make it feel like nothing can go wrong in this beautiful isolated valley.
I chose this painting because of the almost white blues in the water reflecting the clouds bring me a feeling a calmness and that everything is okay and its a good day to go sailing.
The glowing blue figure in this picture can blue you in and mesmerize you with its light blue tones set on such a dark blue backround.
The Blue shadowed snow and the calm blue skies bring a calm and quiet feeling with them as it almost seems like mother nature is saying "shhhhhhhh".
I think the blue in this painting symbolizes peace. The soldier at the bottom is returning home from a war which he has probably seen much death and destruction and the blue sky and and ocean really assure him that all of that his over and that there is peace.
The glowing blue of the river seems to merge with the blue hazy mountains and evening sky in the back to show a peaceful and beautiful landscape.
The blue really merges well with the purples in this painting to make the sky look endless and that it goes on forever. And really goes well with the dark green valley colors to make it seem calm and peaceful.
The Dark blue into light blue transitions and colors in this painting really make it seem realistic and bring out the sky opening up feel to bring in the light after the storm.
The dark blue night sky and evening glow really make this the most peaceful painting in this gallery. Even though it feels like awe inspiring nature I can still see the mountains having a peace quietness to them like you can hear a pin drop.
The blue in this painting is used as an overlaying mist or fog bringing a quite and calm feel to the onlooker.
I find this bowl strangely mesmerizing as you stare into the center of its dark blue heart which almost looks like it is swirling.
The faraway mountains and stretching valley really highlight the overall calm feel that the cloudless blue sky gives.
The blue in this work really shows the how calm it is on top of the world.
Credits: All media
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