The art of jewish history by Earle Smith

This gallery is composed to show the beautiful pieces of artwork that the jewish culture has to offer. These paintings and pictures show how you can use color and lines to add to your paintings.

This painting by Aleksander Gierymski is of a woman carrying oranges. The use of colors on her outfit help separate her from the background.
This is a painting of a wedding by Moritz Daniel Oppenheim. This painting is in black and white, but you can tell that people are wearing darker colors which changes the contrast of this painting.
This painting is the Feast of Tabernacles by Moritz Oppenheim. The dark and light tones in this painting is a good example of using different sides of the spectrum. The light tone makes it easy to see the peoples faces, while the darker tones hide whats in the shadows. Also, the frame of the door keeps this paint well balanced.
The Christ teaching at Capernaum depicts Christ speaking to all of his people. The use of lights and colors helps tell the difference between all the people in this painting. The lines are very defined.
This is a portrait style painting made in the 18th century of Naphitali Franks. The subjects skin tone is a lighter color to separate him from the darkness. The use of orange was used very well.
This is a painting of a Jewish cemetery done by Jacob Isaaksz Van Ruisdael. The use of the colors for the cemetery and the shadows helps to bring out each color in this painting.
This painting by Moritz oppenheim is of a man returning home to his family. The use of the colors orange and red as the brighter colors. This helps bring up the warm feeling in the room. The darker colors are almost the same on the other side of the color spectrum. Making the colors well balanced.
This painting by Nadel Arno of a woman wearing some sort of green cloak. This particular painting uses dark, thick lines and sharp corners to make this a textured and more defined look.
This painting is by Isenstein Kurt Harald. This picture uses lines so that it looks more like a sketched portrait. The lines are very clean but no completely straight. This element adds definition to the painting.
This is another painting by Nadel Arno. The use of lines and colors make this painting very defining. Sharpe edges bring out the depth. The colors used are very different and they by character to the subject.
Credits: All media
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