Love from now untill eternity 

My exhibition is about different images that represent or have any connection with LOVE and everything that surrounds and comes with it. LOVE is something that will remain forever, something that will be remembered forever. Art would not exist without LOVE, without the true love of an artist to it's work. Without emotions and feelings there is no LOVE. It is something that everyone needs and craves for. LOVE is something that will never stop to be portrayed. Through all the moments of time artist showed either their love to something or someone , or portrayed the love of someone for something or someone else. LOVE can be found in different ways : The Love of a family, the parents love to its children and the other way around, LOVE through friendship but also the love for your motherland or even  for someone you do not even know but somehow you are connected. And of course there is the biggest one : The LOVE of two people for each other which are not family. THE LOVE FROM NOW UNTIL ETERNITY.

I choose this painting because it represents the strong bound and the never ending love of a family. It is the first kind of love we experience when we come to earth.
Another image of love within the family. Here the father forgives his son for leaving home, for loosing all his money and then returning poor and devastated to his family. There is no forgiveness without love
This painting is most likely to fit in all categories of love. But first of all I picked it to present love within friendship.Everyone is happy, people are dancing and talking to each other. You could even say there is love in the air .
Another portrait that shall represent friendship. The woman on the right is smiling and looking to the other woman who looks desperate.Friendship comes with casual love that is there in all times , the good and the bad.
War. War means hate and violence but it also means that people have so much love for there fatherland that they would give their lives to protect it and the people that come with it. When love is strong enough people are willing to give everything for it.
I choose this painting because it is not only showing the contrast as the others but also because it portrays a woman who shows her reaction to a murder that happened of racism. She loves people of the same race.
This painting is showing a farewell between to lovers. It is clear that this people love each other but they need to say goodbye.
Another title of this painting is Day and Night. It shows to opposite figures but even that they are that different there is still a sense of peace and love going out of this image.
This image portrays two persons, a female and a male riding along on with the same speed. Here is definitely a kind of love shown , it is just not clear if these two are family, friends or lovers.
My last painting shows a modern art love portray. You can clearly see and even feel the love while looking at this image.It is a very intimate moment between two lovers.
Credits: All media
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