From Modern to Contemporary- Distinguishing Features of the Contemporary Era

When talking about Contemporary art, many people assume that it includes Modern and Pop art into its category. Although Modern art looks to be very similar to Contemporary and it was a leading factor into the new movement, Contemporary art is very distinct in its time period as well as its content. Firstly, Contemporary art allows an artist to express current society and the different social issues going on during the creation of the piece. Contemporary artists combine several materials, methods, concepts, and subjects, allowed to them by the continuous advancing world. Materials can range from paint to electronics, which are demonstrated in this exhibit. Contemporary art is distinguished by all other forms of art by the lack of uniformity and abstract views of things. The beauty of Contemporary art is that it allows the viewer to see simple topics in a new light and allow the escape of new thinking. 

The Viennese Walk happened in 1965 during the Actionism movement in Austria. Brus was one of three men acting against conservative Austrian society. Through their own form of art, they were able to express feelings towards issues of their time period. Brus painted himself white with a black streak through him as a symbol of mutilation. Almost immediately after he began his walk, we was arrested for being potentially disturbing to the public.
"My work, Inherent Vice, is a banner which publicly declares itself o be infected from within." Purposely made delicate and fragile of fabric, thread, cardboard, found objects, and ink, the materials response to effects of light, handling, and atmospheric conditions show the susceptibility of an artwork to damage. He relates this piece to the aspect of morality.
Bright colors and abstract forms create an elaborate picture to express Marc's "magical" harmony between human life. He represents this sensation through the house, the mill, the animals, and nature you can see if you look carefully at this piece.
Hui's piece is an example of contemporary art taking on a new element made possible by the growing technology of the 20th century. Because of this element of the piece, it fits into the category of contemporary, however unlike the rest of the pieces in the exhibit, Hui's instillation becomes part of the space through electronics and mechanics. Through material and form, Hui emphasizes uncertainty and unpredictability of natural state and spirit of the world around us.
This piece is an example of Contemporary art used as propaganda to influence emerging movements such as student organizations, workers, and indigenous. The series is composed of what looks to be like layered pictures. It begins with destruction, headed by the United States dollar bill and by the end, those being oppressed have conquered the oppressors.
This Oehlen piece is exactly what I picture when thinking of Contemporary art. The bright colors, lines, shapes, and unorganized matter in the piece keep the eye moving trying to see each individual element. The content of the picture begs the question, is he creating something new or reconfiguring what already exists?
Kennedy captures the interconnectedness of individual lives and political and historical events in this piece. His birth on April 18, 1945, the last year of WWII, was a pivotal point in 20th Century history. The people included in this installation were influential in the previous generation. As his life began and theirs ended, he reflected, "On his own morality, acutely aware that this direct link to that history is slipping away."- Anthony Bond
The Natividad incorporates social concepts more than any other piece in this exhibit. We see a religious story of the Nativity with contemporary insertions of animated characters during the 90's when it was painted. This piece makes you wonder why such elements were added. Was Ospina trying to connect something that happened so long ago with the modern time period to make it more relatable? Or, because the characters added are of comical sources, was he trying to make a joke?
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