Coastal Charisma-Nicole Nix

This gallery includes works of art that represent the natural scenes from the United States coastlines and seascapes being shown in photography, watercolors and paintings. 

This painting titled "Seawall" by Richard Diebenkorn is an example of abstract art. It has very complimentary colors and very strong brush strokes which gives this picture almost a sort of movement to the painting. Even thought this particular artwork doesn’t give a clear depiction of the shoreline, it does offer the essence of it from the color scheme.
Even thought this photo doesn’t offer the traditional colors or hues normally noted in beach, coastal or seascape photos it does offer another view of the beach scene. This photo depicts two people relaxing at the beach, which is classic to almost any beach art whether painting, photographed or drawn. The photo was taken in grayscale which give it a more subtle look.
From the blue-green hues to the dark blue water this particular painting offers very traditional colors when you think of the shoreline along the United States. The curved lines throughout the photo mimic the natural view you’d see in person. The way the ocean is painted seems to give it movement as you look at it.
There is something majestic about this painting, as it offers a different take on an American coastline. Wispy and curve lines give this artwork a gentle feel while the light colors compliment the curved style. The proportion in this painting just goes to show how majestic the tree are in person.
As mentioned before in prior artwork this photo depicts the classic image one thinks when you got to the beach. People relaxing on the beach, whether together or alone. This painting offers the traditional earth tones and hues that are normally seen in beach/seascape scenes. The white in the break of the waves gives a good contrast with the dark blue ocean.
This photo is another one that is still a coastline of the United States but not something you’d traditional think of. This photo is one of my favorite because it brings out the true coastline of Florida. This particular location happens to be the birthplace of my husband’s family. This painting offers softer earth tones and amazing proportion when it comes the trees and the water. The green gives a soft but strong contrast on the white clouds.
From it’s bright yellow and orange to the dark, almost floating clouds this painting offers a different color scheme. This artwork offers great contrast within the sunrise to the impression of the darkness around the sunrise. This painting looks very realistic in the way it was painted.
I love this painting because of the diversity it offers to the eye. From the untraditional beach scene colors, to the whimsical vibe that this painting offers. With curved lines and light colors this painting still pictures a traditional beach scene with people at the beach in a almost nontraditional way.
This artwork really is defined by the movement it gives. You can almost feel the wind blowing as you see the curvature in this painting. The colors definitely contrast in a unique way, from the dark sea grass to the light sand. This photo offers a different coastal scene that normally goes unappreciated.
Credits: All media
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