STone Expressions

This gallery is a collection of Bottles and Jars created by different artist using the medium water color paint. In these images each object is painted to resemble that of stone; sculpted into objects such as bottles, jars, mugs, jugs, and pitchers. Its rare to see skulpted stone objects such as these in the present day of age, but it is unique to see these rare objects expressed through art. 

The painting Stone Bottle is a medium that is water color based. This piece was painted by Frank Maurer. In this piece very few colors are noticeable. The two colors that are dominate in this image is badge, white, and gray. I believe these colors helped give this image its natural stone look.
Stone Beer Mug created by Carl Beurgerniss is a water color medium painting. In this painting is a stone mug with a royal blue color to it. On the mug displays designs of a man playing a instrument near a horse. the mug is greatly detailed giving an excellent illusion of craftmanship.
This is another piece of Carl Buergerniss. Unlike his previous piece displayed in my gallery this stone bottle features less craftsman details. Even though this image looks more wood than stone. Its Simplicity and earthy brown colors is what seems to define this image.
Displayed is a Gray like stone Jug painting created by Henrietta S. Hukill. The piece is very curved like and resembles more of a vase than a jug. there is blue details of flowers on the jug as well. located at the bottom of the jug is cracks and blemish basically to show the antique like theme.
Another Piece of Carl Buergerniss, but unlike the others this jar seems to be more "old" looking than antique. The jar seems to have a ruff texture resembling that of a weathered or rusted object.
Stone Jar by Marin J, Bright Depicts a stone like jar that is brown. Located on the front of the jar is a flower like structure carving. There is three layers to the flower like structure. he first layer gives of the illusion of it actually being carved in to the stone. The second layer is a faded blue flower, and around that layer is move carved flowers with brown rings around them.
Here is a Water color painting of a Stone Pitcher. This stone pitcher is smooth and elegant. the flowers on this pitcher resembles more of painters job than it being craft. This picture was painted by Isabelle De Strange.
The Stone Fruit Jar painted by Margaret Stottlemeyer. The fruit jar painted on this piece is unique than the others to me. for this stone jar seems to reflect for might. Also this painting of the Fruit Jar seems to have more a simple design than the others.
Stone Fruit Jar with Star, another fruit jar painted by Margaret Stottlemeyer. This image is grainy and also reflect light. Located on the top left hand side of the jar is a star possibly could be the water mark for the artist work.
Stone Jug by Wilford H. Shurtliff. This stone jug shows a great amount of aging due to the detailed cracks on the left hand side of the jar. The jar is a simples stone gray color but shows that there is light in the area due to the shadowing on the left side.
Credits: All media
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