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I chose this picture because I love the mountains. The mountains tend to have a beautiful landscape and a magnificent scenery. I took a trip to North Carolina over the summer of 2015 and it was one of the best trips I have been on. I was able to zip line in the mountains and also go to many waterfall and beautiful mountain ranges and sights. There are also some big deer there as well. I believe that this oil based painting is nonrepresentational because it doesn't represent anything and it is not abstract. It is just a clear picture of the mountains, a scenery of mountains that I would love to visit because it reminds me of North Carolina so much.
I thank the lord every day for the items that I own and for my families health and mine. I also thank him for putting his son Jesus on the earth for the short time he was here. I thank him every day for letting Jesus be crucified on the cross like in this polychromed ivory carving. This carving is representational of Jesus dying for our sins like the bible says he does.
This photograph is nonrepresentational as it is just about Lincoln's assassination on April, 14 1965 and doesn't stand for anything else or have another meaning. The person who assassinated president Abe Lincoln was named John Wilkes Booth. The assassination happened just days after the South surrendered in the Civil war. If Lincoln wasn't assassinated I believe the South would have not had as many problems as it did with concerns to recovery. The south would have recovered faster and not have been as behind if Lincoln's plan for reconstruction went through.
This stone mask is pretty creepy looking. I think it is nonrepresentational in that it is just a mask and couldn't hold a symbolic meaning or represent anything but a mask. I chose this mask because it made me think of Jason from Friday the 13th and I love those movies.
This dye imbibition print is representational about the accomplishments that the US has made. The US was the first to have a man on the moon during the cold war with Neil Armstrong. It was a major accomplishment to get us in the lead against the Soviet Union in the space race. In this print is the third person on the moon but it still represents victory and freedom for us Americans.
I remember as a kid swimming all the time and being with my parents. My dad and I would throw a ball back and fourth sometimes and other boyish activities. My mom on the contrary taught me how to swim as a child. She also favored the hot tub over the pool but she would get in occasionally cause I would bug her to. This picture represents love and companionship between parents and their child just like in my life example.
This oil on canvas painting is representing the man that is often called the "Father of this country." I chose this painting because I respect and admire George Washington for fighting for our country and leading the US to become a country. He set some standards as president and was the best one we would ever have, as he was our first. He refused to do two terms (which set a precedent) so then John Adams took over.
This is a picture of Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR) that I selected because I wanted to talk about FDR and what he did since history intrigues me. It is nonrepresentational. FDR was the only president that was elected four times, which led to the twenty-second amendment where a president must only run two turns. In my opinion he made the Great Depression worse and worse with each thing he tried to due. I did not agree with his views, his ways, or his government policies. The only thing good he did was get us out of the depression by getting us into WWII. Other than that I don't think he was a very good president. He died just before the end of the war and Henry Truman was his successor.
This photo is of fishing boats on a beach and it is nonrepresentational because it is just boats and doesn't represent or symbolize anything. I chose this picture because I like to fish and I like boats. The location in this picture looks like a place that I would like to visit and also go to so I can fish around it. I bet I could catch a lot of tropical fish offshore there.
I love the river around here in this part of Florida. I also love this oil on canvas painting of a bank of a river. The Black water river in Florida hold a lot of memories for me throughout out the years. Ranging from being a stress reliever and to having fun on it. I have went there to just kill time and be outdoors which I enjoy or go to be with friends and fish. I sometimes just go to watch it and thank God for the ability to be able to witness such a thing and be there to enjoy it. To me this picture represents the meaning of a beautiful river that hold a lot of meaning to the person that painted it.
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