Element of art color

By Veronica Salgado

I think this is Primary Triadic because the colors I see are Red, Blue, and very little yellow.
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple are all COMPLEMENTARY COLORS
I think that this is ANALOGOUS COLORS because the blue is light in some parts and it gets darker in other parts.
the shadow on the block makes the block pop out. (color tone)
I think that this painting had warm colors because it was like a orange yellowish color like the sun.
This has cool colors because it has blue which gives it like a wintery mood.
I think this has to do with color intensity because it looks like the yellow from the background and the yellow from the boys sweater are different but they are really the same.
this has Secondary Triadic color because it has green, yellow, and a little of purple in the back.
Credits: All media
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