All that is Symmetrical  

I feel that this picture fits in quite well with my symmetry subject because both sides match in very similar ways like a mirror, though the artwork on either side is slightly different.
This particular mural seems to be pretty much perfectly symmetrical by matching on both sides.
In this piece both sides are pretty much matching, thus i would say that this piece is symmetrical.
The birds in this mural mirror each other quite well and that is why I consider this work to be symmetrical.
Though the images don't perfectly mirror one another they are equal on both sides, thus I consider this piece to be symmetrical.
Though the image doesn't match on both sides I feel that this image is symmetrical in the fact that it represents a body being cut in two by light and dark and both sides are in the same position.
If you split the image in half both sides mirror each other except for the background and foreground pieces of the art.
If i were to draw a ling down the middle of this image it pretty much mirrors itself, except for the small differences in the smaller images in the larger image.
if I was to draw a straight line through each of the triangle points you could easily see that this piece is symmetrical.
This image is pretty much perfectly mirrored on both sides.
This picture is also pretty much mirrored perfectly on both sides.
If a person were to split this ornament in half it would easily match on both sides, thus it is symmetrical.
If you were to split this piece in half both sides would pretty much perfectly match each other.
Everything in this picture is mirrored almost perfectly except for the words in the golden boxes and the plants at the bottom.
The craftsmanship on this dresser is done so well that I feel if I was to cut this dresser perfectly in half it would match on both sides.
The statues mirror each other pretty much perfectly.
Credits: All media
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