Events of Jesus Christ

This gallery consist of European oil paintings with the emphasis of events in the life of Jesus Christ.

This painting depicts the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. Everyone in the room is adoring the birth of Christ. Jesus has a halo above his head bringing attention to him
Jesus and a couple of his disciples are out crossing the sea when they are hit by a storm. Jesus then wakes up and calms the storm with words. Jesus has a halo over his head bringing attention to him.
In this painting Jesus gets angry over merchants trading in his temple. He flips the tables and drives them out. Jesus has a halo over his head in this painting. Making him stand out from the crowd.
Jesus enter Jerusalem on a pony fulfilling Isiah's prophecy of the coming messiah. They are laying down olive branches and red garments representing royalty. This took place before the betrayal.
Famous Last Supper scene before Judas betrays Jesus. Judas is on the left side of Jesus about to take bread from him.
This is Jesus last prayer in the garden before he is taken in the middle of the night. The devil then comes and tempts him during this time. The light coming through bringing attention to Jesus and angel
Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss. Peter then cuts a roman guard's ear off. Jesus' red sash stands out bringing your attention to him.
Famous flogging scene of Jesus. His back is completely opened up. His blood covers the floor. The entire crowd is centered in on him.
This scene is after the flogging where Jesus gets his crown of thorns. He is being mock by the roman soldiers. Attention is drawn to Jesus by the difference of brightness between Jesus and the rest of painting.
This is the crucifixion of Jesus. He is crucified next to two thieves. A roman solider is piercing his side ensuring he is dead. The sky is opening up on Calvary bringing light on Jesus
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