American Civil War & it's Horrific sights

By Christian Chavez. I chose my theme to be over the American Civil War. I included these photographs and paintings because they displayed the aftermaths of the war and how it led to the soldiers death. Also, how Abraham Lincoln had played a major significance in these horrific events. One of these events was at the Battle of Antietam. This event was one of the bloodiest events in American History. The American Civil War was one of the most important events in the United States. This event marked where the Southern States had finally given up freedom to African Americans. The photographs shown are very gruesome because some are wounded soldiers and some events were very catastrophic. They display great themes about the horrendous battle.

Albumen Silver Print done by Alexander Gardner. In September 1862, 26 thousand soldiers were killed during the Battle of Antietam. There Lincoln stood tall with his fancy hat and comes to talk to generals. Lincoln looks ahead with pride in his nation.
The Civil War Drum 1939-1940. Was done in water color, graphite and colored pencil and ink. It shows a beautiful painting of how soldiers would march in singing or playing instruments before going to war.
President Lincoln stands on the Battle-Field of Antietam and speaks to his soldiers. He shows his pride and readiness. Perfect picture that shows Lincoln preparing himself.
These people who are laying here on this photograph taken by Timothy O'Sullivan, are soldiers who have given their life to this country. These were soldiers from our own country. The faces were pale from the fallen soldiers. This same field was where General Reynolds had been killed as well. Although his corpse had already been removed by the time they had taken this photograph.
This Albumen Silver Print takes place in the fields of Gettysburg. Where Robert E. Lee had retreated from his torn apart army. Through the plantations, these horrible views came a "Harvest of Death". All of the soldiers had fallen and there was no longer any screaming. Just the peace and quiet among the fighting grounds.
Photograph by Alexander Gardner. Takes place where the aftermath of the Battle of Antietam. This was one of the most deadliest battles in American History killing many soldiers. Soldiers lie there with agony and how unpleasant the view looks. Their bodies left to rot with a disgusting sight from the battle.
Here lies a sharp shooter from the the Battle of Gettysburg. A soldier from the rebel side. He had been camping as a sharp shooter who had his area set up for protection with rocks along his front. Surrounded by great cover. It displays a view on how soldiers would protect themselves from enemies.
This is another fatality that occurred during the Battle of Gettysburg. Where two soldiers have fallen during the war. It depicts the horrors the war that it was leaving behind on the land.
Here is an Albumen Silver of Abraham Lincoln. A great depiction of President Lincoln showing his honor and pride. A picture of the president showcasing great power and influence.
Oil on canvas done by Howard Hill. Here lies a painting where President Abraham Lincoln has been assassinated on April 15, 1865. People are mourning over President Lincoln's death. Above Lincoln is also demons and people who had been hung before him.
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