Elements of art and design 

i have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. Hailey Pompeo 

Line: The artwork to the left is made out of steel and is a great example of line. There are vertical,and horizontal lines that make up this art work. Each line in the structure are crossing over another line.
shape: This artwork is a great example of shape.There are many different shapes in this picture such as the animals heads. Their heads are round and smooth. Their heads have many different shapes with in them such as the orange animals nose resembles a triangle.
Form: The artwork to the left is a great example of form. Form is the three dimensional look that an artwork can portray. In the painting the bushes have form because they look to be three dimensional and to be in front of the water.
Value: Value is expressed in this artwork very well. Value is the change from lightness to darkness. That is seen in the artwork in the bottom right corner to the middle right you can see the change in value.
texture: The artwork titled Kallista is a good example of texture. Texture is the way the artwork would feel if you could touch it. The Car looks like it would be bumpy and rough if you dragged your hand across it.
Color: color is seen in a lot of different places and a good place to find color is on a graffiti wall.The Graffiti wall in the picture has a lot of different colors such as orange,green, pink,and blue.
Space: This art work is a great example of space. Space is the area between, around or above. You an see the space between the two flowers and between the clock and the pillow.
Credits: All media
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