I have neither given nor recieved unauthorized aid on this work- Marissa Carter

The main subject of this piece, the flowers, is composed of many vibrant, bright colors in in every shade on the color spectrum. Value comes into play here in that the vase of flowers is slightly lighter than the dark brown background behind it, as well as its left side being slightly brighter. The texture here is simulated. Space is used here with the illusion of depth and a foreground, middle ground and background. The vase of flowers takes over this piece, filling it with positive space.
This still life is a black and white chalk work, so the texture is both the actual texture and the simulated texutre. The lines are short and simple, and they vary in value- some are darker to provide detail and some are lighter to provide highlights, but generally there is not much difference in value in this piece. Space and form are used to add realism and the illsion of depth. Many objects overlap and the piece has mostly positive space.
This still life heavily uses form to make it appear realistic and three dimensional. Space is also used for perspective and depth. There is a foreground, middle ground and backgrond here. The texture is very simulated, in the books and globe especially. Most of the lines in this piece are implied.
This piece is full of many different colors, with some being duller than others. There is no dramatic value change or contrast. There is almost no negative space in this piece, and a lack of depth. There is an equal balance of 'normal' and implied lines, and due to everything happening in this piece the viewer's attention is not drawn to one specific thing in it.
This piece appears to lack form at a glance, but upon closer examination one can see that the piece appears to be three dimensional and highly realistic. The only color in the piece is brown, but the flowers themselves are a much lighter shade of brown than the background of the piece, drawing your attention to them. The texture is simulated and helps the piece to appear realistic.
Credits: All media
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