God's Creations-Paintings

These paintings resemble what I believe in, where I have been in my life, what I got to experience and what I love to do in my spare time.

The painting was made in 1616 by Hendrik Goltzius. This is Adam and Eve. They were the first human form created by God and who also created the universe. Evolution is a question and also a difficult conversation to have because many people have different people how humans were made. Some believe we are from money and apes and some believe we were formed by God. I picked this painting because I was raised up to be Catholic and church I believe we were made from God.
This painting was made in 1890 by Paul Signac. The Beach! What is not to love about the beach. You can go swimming, play in the sand, get a nice tan, build sand castles and etc. I picked this because the beach is my favorite place to be because to me its a place to have fun with friends and family and its a time for relaxation.
this painting is made by Claude Monet in 1989. He particularly liked this point because the two rivers Grande Creuse and Petite Creuse converged. I picked this photo because this picture reminds me of the river I drifted down in a boat in fFiji and it was just amazing.
Colorado is an amazing place to live and be around. I believe this mountain area is located right outside of Denver and close to Steamboat springs. This mountain represents a sleeping giant if you can see it up close. I picked this painting because my father used to live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and its just a beautiful place.
This painting was made by Winslow Homer in 1892. The unique thing about this is that this is a oil painting. Fishing is almost every fathers favorite hobby to do with a best friend or even their son. This painting represents a fathers day spent with a son and a father. I picked this photo because it reminds me of when I used to go fishing in numerous places with my dad. Fishing can be a very peaceful and relaxing activity to do.
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