Renaissance Perspective 

Architectural- having a single unified overall design Cathedral- the principal church of a diocese Classical- relating to ancient Greek literature perspective- to get right impression of a viewpoint
Antiquity- the ancient past Commemoration- remembrance Octagonal- having eight sides Elements- a part or aspect of something abstract
Depiction- representation in image form Concurrent- occurring or existing simultaneously or side by side Variants- tending to change or alter Intarsia- technique of decorating a surface with patterns
Crucifix- cross with the figure of Jesus crucified upon it Friar- religious member of Roman Catholic Church Pulpit- a platform or raised structure in a church Facade- the front of a building
Depicting- to represent as if by painting Monograph- a treatise on a particular subject Emblematic- symbolic Replica- a copy or reproduction of a work of art
Proportion- comparative relation between things as to size Insinuate- to suggest or hint slyly Distribution- arrangement Microscopic- so small as to be invisible without the use of a microscope
Demilitarize- to deprive of military character Symbolically- serving as a symbol for something Ideology- the body of doctrine that guides an individual or large group Visceral- resembling viscera
Memorialize- to present a memorial to Celestial- pertaining to the sky or heaven Distortion- the state of being distorted Sundial- an instrument that indicates the time of day
Illusion- something that deceives by producing a false impression of reality Coexist- to exist together or at the same time Reconstructed- to rebuild Cylinder- a surface bounded by two parallel lines
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